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How to Choose the Right Carpet Color For Your Home

Upgrading flooring is one of the biggest investments you can make when renovating your space, whether you opt for wood, tile, vinyl, or carpet. Available in a myriad of types, tones, and textures, carpet selection can feel very overwhelming. And since it is pricey, following carpet trends is impractical; flooring…

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Cleaning and Maintaining Tile

There are many types of tile, including porcelain, ceramic, and stone, which can be found in use on both floors and walls. When properly installed and cared for, tile can last a lifetime. How well tile ages depends, as most things do, on how well it is cared for. Do…

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Choosing the Right Underlayment for Laminate Flooring

If you’ve chosen a laminate floor for your home, it’s important to consider how to properly install it, and that means selecting the right underlayment. In most cases, a laminate floor will require some sort of layer between the subfloor and the flooring material, although some brands come with one…

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Rustic Flooring Options for Each Room of Your Home

What comes to mind when you think of the term rustic? Do you get a cabin vibe? Or the feeling of a farmhouse? Actually, a rustic style could be either of those two things or something else entirely. Before we dive into how to choose a floor that qualifies as…

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Add Personality and Design with Patterned Tiles

Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or an empty nester, there is never a wrong time to personalize your space. If you are looking to upgrade the flooring in your whole home, or perhaps just spruce up the kitchen or bath, tile is an amazingly versatile choice. Available in nearly limitless…

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Basement Flooring Options

Investing in your home is always a great idea, especially when volatile interest rates make changing zip codes less than ideal. Home renovation projects that expand your livable square footage are even better! If you are planning to finish your basement into a useful living space, it’s important to choose…

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Flooring Options for Allergies

Many of us are all too familiar with allergies. Whether it’s to pollen, pets, or dust, seasonal or year-round, respiratory allergies can plague us to the point of misery. Then there are those of us with concerns about or sensitivities to VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which can be emitted from…

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If you are considering upgrading your existing floors, you don’t have to look far before you’ll find someone singing the praises of vinyl flooring. It’s no big surprise since there is so much to love about this option for floors! It’s waterproof, stands up to traffic and wear, doesn’t stain,…

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The Best Flooring For Your Outdoor Living Space

Summer is here, bringing with it all types of outdoor fun and festivities. When designing a living space for the summer, don’t forget about the flooring! Whether it’s your porch, deck, or patio, the right flooring can really elevate your outdoor area and help set the vibe. Check out these…

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What is Waterproof Flooring?

In today’s busy lifestyles, anything “blank-proof” automatically sounds like a great idea. Stain-proof? Life-proof? Hack-proof? Water-proof? No matter how you fill in the blank, all of the above means that though things may still go wrong, whatever happens will be less of a big deal. When it comes to floors,…

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How To Care For Tough Carpet Stains

Into every life, a little stain must fall. Ok, that isn’t quite how the saying goes, but sometimes it feels true. Life can be very messy. If you find yourself with some carpet stains of your own, read on for tips to deal with life’s tough messes.Treat them Fast The…

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Learn More About Hardwood Installation Methods

If it’s time to upgrade your floors, choosing the right solution for your space can be an arduous task. There are many things to consider when deciding on a new flooring material. When it comes to improving your home, one of the best investments is by installing hardwood floors.Not to…

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Top Tips For Maintaining Your Tile Floor

Many people have tile floors somewhere in their homes. Due to being quite impervious to moisture, tile is frequently found in potentially wet places such as entryways, bathrooms and kitchens. In warmer climates, it can be found throughout living spaces and even bedrooms. Tile is easy to maintain and can…

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Trendy Flooring Options For Your Bedroom

Bedroom flooring | Carpet Mart

Bedrooms are meant to be private oasis. Unlike the more public areas of homes, bedrooms can really take on any desired vibe. Depending on the existing flooring and home ownership situation, you may have to live with what you have, to a certain extent. But never fear! It is still…

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Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Floors

Regardless of the weather in your neck of the woods, spring is a great time to refresh your flooring. Winter dirt, including salt, grit and grime, can carry in on boots and shoes. Along with April showers comes mud and sometimes muddy paws, but spring cleaning can help you get…

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Refresh Your Outdoor Space with Area Rugs

Outdoor rugs | Carpet Mart

Spring is here which means summer is just around the corner! It’s a great time of year to plant window boxes and plan veggie gardens, sleep with the windows open, and generally enjoy the outdoorsa and pleasant temperatures. What isn’t so pleasant is when your outdoor space still has gunk…

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Flooring Options For Humid Climates

Flooring | Carpet Mart

If you are lucky enough to live in a place where it feels like summer all year around, chances are you have to deal with more than occasional humidity. In that case, you have some unique considerations when it comes to flooring options. Keep reading for some advice! Tile is…

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Flooring To Increase The Value Of Your Home

Interior design | Carpet Mart

Real Estate Perspective To real estate professionals, there are certain floors that really stand out during home tours. It’s our job pay attention to details when marketing properties- cleanliness, condition, quality, smell, limitations and potential- but some design decisions really make a positive impact. All of the above things are…

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What Carpet Is Right For Me?

Carpet flooring | Carpet Mart

Fresh Carpet Facts Getting new carpet is a great way to totally freshen your space, in more ways than one! New carpets can drastically change the way your home looks and feels. They can brighten a space or make it instantly more cozy. In addition, carpet can literally bring with…

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Natural Stone or Tile Floors

Stairway | Carpet Mart

Some Info on Natural Stone Stone flooring, available in marble, granite, limestone, sandstone and slate is a natural material and a beautiful choice for homes. Each type of stone has its own unique charms, qualities and strengths. Stone floors are as durable as they are beautiful! Naturally water-resistant, they are…

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