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hank you for considering the MyCarpetMart Community.

We began this unique rewards program to benefit our loyal customers, families, friends and our community.

Carpet Mart opened in 1974 as Carpetland, a large franchise. Within a few years, Mike Fish purchased the store, first as CarpetGuild, then our current name, Carpet Mart. I’m Bruce Jones and my best friend and business partner, Aaron Kinser and I grew up around the store. My uncle, Keith Jones, was the operations manager and employed us as teenagers to mow the lawn, clean the showroom and roll remnants in the warehouse. I officially joined the Carpet Mart family in 1994 and Aaron followed soon after.  Our mentors, Mike, Keith, and Art began a legacy that we seek to build on each day.

In 2017, we purchased the store on the foundation of hard work, commitment to excellence and the guiding principle, Do the Right Thing. Building on these bedrock principles, our vision expanded to:

  1. Honor your commitment to Carpet Mart
  2. Build a better community
  3. Better support our team member’s families

For these reasons, we began the MyCarpetMart Community. It is Good News for business, family and our community. It specifically accomplishes the following:

  1. Rewards you for purchases and referrals.
  2. Increases awareness and giving to local charities and organizations
  3. Creates an enjoyable personal sales experience while respecting everyone’s time.

There are no fees, just an “Ask” for you to join us in building a business that wins. A win for us means everybody benefits (you, our installers, our team, our community). As a member, you get access to exclusive benefits. Join at

Bruce Jones & Aaron Kinser Carpet Mart Owners


Member only discounts:

10% offpurchases up to $1000
11% off$1,000 purchase
12% off$2,000 purchase
13% off$3,000 purchase
14% off$4,000 purchase
15% off$5,000 purchase
22% offDIY materials
22% offrugs and binding

*materials only, cannot be combined with other offers

24 Months
0 Interest Plans*

  • 24 months financing and zero interest equal payment plans
  • Any products!
  • All year!

Send a Friend!

Save your friend $$$ on their purchase and earn gift cards for you based on their spend.*

*You need to be a member of the MyCarpetMart community to receive the rewards for sending friends.

3 Percent Off

send a friend

Referred friends save an additional 3%

Help your friends save money on their purchase and earn gift cards based on their spend.

Treat yourselves to new flooring


Community Giving

A portion of sales each month go to our community partner of the month! Check out our community giving to find other ways to join us in giving back each month!

myCarpetMart Exclusive

We would love to celebrate a special occasion with you on our road sign. To register call Courtney at 502-425-3022, ext. 1

Good News From MyCarpet Mart Connection

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Project Spotlight - Property: 4-Plex rental unit in the Moreland neighborhood. New kitchens, batherooms, flooring in all four units. Renovations: $60,000 Selling Price: $2,800/month for all four units (all currently rented) Timeframe: 24 months


from Carpet Mart Customer Trevor Searcy

Trevor Searcy has made a living renting property, investing and renovating properties for resale, and working as a licensed realtor. When asked how he manages to turn a profit in the real estate market, Trevor Searcy doesn’t take much credit. “I’m always looking for advice, I usually don’t give it,” said Trevor. “But there are a few things that make up my business philosophy.”
Number 1: Be Prepared for Anything
“In my opinion, real estate is always a good investment. It’s almost recession-proof, because everyone needs a roof over his head,” said Trevor. “But you have to be ready to react quickly. Just today a lady called and said she needed to sell her house fast. I have found that my job really involves being a counselor to folks who need help understanding what is going on in the marketplace.”
One of the strategies Trevor credits his success to is investing in rental properties. “If you want to purchase real estate and resell it for profit, and you want to do it full time, you need to keep rental property as part of your portfolio,” said Trevor. “Having multiplex properties that I am renovating allows me to rent out some of the units and use that income immediately while I complete the other ones.”
A recent property Trevor purchased was a 4-unit multiplex in the Moreland neighborhood, which needed complete renovations down to the studs. After about a $60,000 remodeling investment over a two-year period, Trevor had all four units refurbished and rented.
Number 2: Get an LLC
Trevor said using a Limited Liability Corporation to purchase investment property is important. “It’s helpful to have an LLC to protect yourself and your investment.”
Number 3: Keep Good Advisors…and Good Records
Trevor is a stickler for doing things the right way – and that means having qualified people to help. “You really need a good real estate attorney,” said Trevor. “And an excellent CPA. It’s also important to keep accurate records of cash in, cash out so you can manage your investments properly.”
Another person Trevor really likes having on his team is Bruce Jones. “I started working with Bruce about 16 years ago, and he’s been my carpet and flooring guy ever since,” said Trevor. In 2017, he purchased some 4-plex units and asked Bruce to recommend flooring that would be extremely durable. Bruce pointed him toward Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) tongue-in-groove flooring. Even though LVP was more expensive than traditional carpet, Trevor was extremely pleased with the results. “The first tenant we had was amazed at the flooring in our units.”
At first Trevor would simply order pallets of flooring from Carpet Mart and use his own contractors to do the installation. However, recently he has been turning entire flooring projects – from bid to installation – over to Bruce. “I’m really happy with the Carpet Mart installers, they’re great,” said Trevor.
Number 2: Have Capital. 
“I like to pay cash when I can,” said Trevor. “It gives you so much more flexibility.”
That’s why, when Bruce introduced Trevor to a lender who could provide 24 months same-as-cash for his flooring projects, it was a game-changer. “That was a huge deal to me,” said Trevor. “I was able to buy flooring that would last longer in my units but still had cash to do what I needed to get the units ready right away.”

If you’d like help selling your property or you are considering property investments and would like some advice, give Trevor Searcy a call at 502-386-8000.

Trevor Searcy - Coretec Galaxy