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Caring for your laminate

A little care and maintenance will keep your laminate flooring looking great for many years to come! Follow these simple tips to establish a preventative maintenance routine while preventing stains, damage, and more.

Daily Care tips

Start caring for your laminate by incorporating some basic preventative maintenance. Remove outdoor shoes before walking across your flooring so you don't track dirt inside your home. Take care when moving furniture across your laminate and consider using furniture pads to keep your floors from getting scratched or dented over time. Regularly vacuum using a manufacturer-approved appliance and mop (dry or wet, if your manufacturer has stated it's safe to do so) as needed.

What to do

(and what not to do)

DO sweep and vacuum frequently. Use your vacuum's attachments to get into edges and crevices.

DON'T use a vacuum with a beater bar, as this can scratch the surface of your laminate.

DO mop with warm water if your product is waterproof. DON'T forget to dry your flooring afterwards.

DO use a manufacturer-approved hard-surface cleaning product.

DON'T let spills sit! Always wipe them away as quickly as possible.

Laminate Care & Maintenance | Carpet Mart, INC


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