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Caring for your new hardwood

As a natural wood product, hardwood flooring requires a specific care and maintenance routine so that it can age beautifully without needing to be refinished. Learn more from our flooring experts.

Daily Care tips

First, establish a protective care and maintenance routine for your new hardwood floors. Invest in entry mats and doormats and remove shoes before walking across your hardwood flooring. To protect your hardwood floors from dents or indentations, use floor protectors with heavy furniture.

Everyday care and maintenance should include sweeping, vacuuming, and dry mopping (never wet mop!) If your flooring needs more than just a dry surface clean, use a manufacturer-approved cleaning solution and follow its instructions.

What to do

(and what not to do)

DO sweep and vacuum frequently. Use your vacuum's attachments to get into edges and crevices.

DON'T use a vacuum with a beater bar, as this can scratch the surface of your hardwood.

DO use a manufacturer-approved cleaning product on your hardwood as needed.

DON'T let spills sit! Always wipe them away as quickly as possible. Hardwood is not moisture-resistant.

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