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Creative Ways To Use Flooring Patterns and Designs

Creative Ways To Use Flooring Patterns and Designs

Do you have boring floors? Maybe they are outdated, or worn, or just blah. If fun, new floors are your goal, you’re in luck! There are more patterns and design options than ever, in a variety of flooring materials. You are sure to find something within your budget that will spice up your flooring situation.

Cost, Scope and Use

As with any home improvement project, before you start shopping, you should take basic measurements, determine the scope of the project and consider the use of your space for the following reasons. Basic measurements will help you roughly estimate how much a project will cost, so you will not fall in love with a floor that is financially out of your league. Determining the scope of the project will help narrow the choices to an appropriate design or pattern. Something that suits a large area won’t work the same in a smaller area, and vice versa. It’s important to not overwhelm the space with a busy pattern or a layout that makes no sense. The use of the space will determine generally what floor you can choose. Some flooring options that are great in a living area aren’t as great in a bathroom due to moisture. These are all important considerations when looking at flooring options.


The simplest solution if you want a lot of pattern or design in your home is to opt for ceramic or porcelain tile. Though it is typically found in smaller spaces like kitchens and baths, some homes in warmer climates use tile throughout living spaces and even bedrooms. The biggest reason to choose tile is typically the amount of moisture present in an area. Tile that is glazed and grout that is sealed doesn’t absorb moisture at all, from humidity or accidents, unlike other flooring types.

Design-wise, tile is available in a wide array of different colors, so you can create your own custom pattern. Mosaic tiles, which are smaller pieces of tile adhered to a mesh backer, are manufactured to fit together, helping you to create a large continuous pattern. In addition, there are tiles that are either hand-painted or printed with patterns or images. Most tiles are specific to either floors or walls, such as a backsplash, so be sure to buy the right kind.

Creative Ways To Use Flooring Patterns and Designs


Another option for patterned flooring in your drier living spaces is hardwood flooring. Because each piece of wood is glued and nailed in place, they can be professionally installed in any way that suits you. One option for patterning a wood floor that was popular in the past is parquet, where groupings of small pieces of wood were laid in alternating directions, creating a woven appearance. There is also an actual basketweave pattern, which looks similar to a herringbone and chevron. In addition to these layouts, you can choose an inlaid floor, where pieces of wood are stained differently to create a border around a room or to showcase another area.

Luxury Vinyl

There are many ways to create interesting patterns and designs with luxury vinyl tile. Available with printed images, similar to ceramic or porcelain, these vinyl tiles are easy to DIY without fancy tools or a lot of mess. They simply snap together and form a floating floor.

If you opt for a wood look to mimic hardwood, you must be sure to buy a vinyl plank that is designed to be configured in that way, such as a chevron or a herringbone. You cannot just purchase vinyl plank flooring that is designed to laid straight and create a pattern. You are able to vary the orientation of the planks to the walls, such as on a diagonal, but the way the boards attach to one another does not allow for the amount of variation required to create an intricate pattern.

When you are ready to pick out some flooring that is definitely not boring, the design staff at Carpet Mart will be ready to help you. We can go over all the specifics of your project including installation, if you prefer, and get your floors finished in less time than you think!