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Embrace the Coastal Look in Your Home

For many families, this summer presented a series of unique challenges that have forced us to put our vacations on hold and think creatively about finding new ways to relax at home. If you were looking forward to that trip to the coast or heading down south to the beach, why not capture some of that magic in our households? At Carpet Mart, we’ve got quite a few ways that we can help you embrace the coastal look in your home. In addition to the growing popularity of this aesthetic, coastal design schemes deliver the good vibrations that we all love to feel.

Soothing Area Rugs

Instantly add the tranquility of the coast with soft area rugs that fit the spaces in your home perfectly. Inspired shades that represent sandy browns, ivory shells, blue water, and sea green will lend calm energy throughout. Explore different textures and patterns that remind you of your favorite beach, whether it’s swirling sand, crashing waves, or your favorite beach creatures. Nautical prints, distressed colorations, and beach-themed rug visuals will all work well in an elevated coastal chic design.

Embrace the Coastal Look in Your Home

Natural Wood Beauty

There are quite a few varieties that will produce breath-taking rooms full of sophisticated style while delivering authentic coastal appeal. Whether you prefer a light and airy blonde hardwood with a muted finish, white-washed oak, or honey brown with distinct markings, the right hardwood flooring will help take you back to your favorite pier. We love using wide wood planks to make rooms feel more spacious, which reminds us of seeing the coastline for as far as the eye can see. Realistic wood-look options such as luxury vinyl and laminate can also help you achieve the feel of a coastal wood floor while using less of your design budget.

Embrace the Coastal Look in Your Home

Sparkling Glass Tile

Like water reflecting shimmering sun rays, glass tile can be used to play off of the natural light that shines into your home. Glass tile countertops, backsplashes, and mosaics serve your home with luxurious coastal elegance. Mixing hues of cool blue, dark brown, and pearly white will conjure images of ocean water, driftwood, and iridescent seashells. Sunshine is a fundamental component to our unforgettable days at the beach, and these tile surfaces will make your home come alive whenever the afternoon light makes its way inside.

Pops of Blue

Whether it’s drapes, pillows, a rug, a painted wall, or wall hangings, using pops of blue against an overall neutral color palette will certainly add to a coastal look. The 2020 Pantone Color of the Year is Classic Blue and was chosen for its reassuring presence among the uncertainty in the world today. There are not many settings more peaceful and comforting than sitting under a big blue sky with the sound of crashing waves nearby. Find serenity and pull your coastal chic elements together with unifying pops of blue.

If your traveling has been put on hold, let’s bring the beach to you! We have many dazzling options inside our showroom in Louisville, KY that will help create coastal looks that your family can appreciate year-round.