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Hartco Hydroblok Spring Haven EKHB75L75W


Spring Haven

  • 10
  • Colors Available
Hartco Hydroblok Warm Modern EKHB75L45W
Warm Modern
Hartco Hydroblok Abundance of Light EKHB75L05W
Abundance of Light
Hartco Hydroblok Woods Edge EKHB75L35W
Woods Edge
Hartco Hydroblok Celebrate Nature EKHB75L55W
Celebrate Nature
Hartco Hydroblok Serene Taupe EKHB75L65W
Serene Taupe
Hartco Hydroblok Spring Haven EKHB75L75W
Spring Haven
Hartco Hydroblok Winter Palette EKHB75L15W
Winter Palette
Hartco Hydroblok Contemporary Retreat EKHB75L25W
Contemporary Retreat
Hartco Hydroblok Classic Tone EHHB75L85H
Classic Tone
Hartco Hydroblok Forager Brown EHHB75L95H
Forager Brown

Product Attributes

ColorSpring Haven
Color VariationMore
SpeciesWhite Oak
Surface TypeWirebrushed
Surface TextureWire Brushed
EdgeMicro Edge
ApplicationResidential & commercial
Width6.50 in
LengthVarying Lengths: 15.75 - 70.87 In
Thickness0.47 in
Finish CoatingAntimicrobial Urethane
LocationBelow On Above
Installation MethodLocking